Bristol Removal Service - House and Flat Removals


We have many years of experience of carefully and efficiently moving our customers houses, flats and rooms.


We undertake all removals from studio flats to 5 bedroom family homes.


A full set of tools is always available so that we can disassemble and assemble any items of furniture that are too large to carry or navigate out of your home.


Our company will always carry furniture and your other belongings to and from the start and end destination, whether it's a top floor flat or a bungalow.


In preparation we can supply:


  • cardboard boxes
  • parcel tape
  • packing paper
  • bubble wrap


We can also provide a full or part packing service and advice if you require.


It does help to know if there are any particular issues with your move, such as particularly valuable/fragile/heavy items and where there are access issues such as a lot of steps and where parking is difficult.


Where parking is an issue its always helpful if you are able to block off some space for us to park. We generally need at least 25 feet or six metres.


Please call/mail/text for a quote. We are more than happy to visit your property to assess how long the move is likely to take and assess whether you require any packing materials.